Monday, September 5, 2011

1937 Buick Special

This was an amazing car, a total nut and bolt restoration on a 1937 Buick.  It's as if you went back in time and inspected a new car in 1937, it's that fresh.  All new glass, weatherstripping, wiring, chrome, etc.  What made this car stand out though was the attention to detail.  The dash was woodgrained by Craig Clemons at Fauxreal, the steering wheel was recast by JB Donaldson in Phoenix, the instrument panels were repainted by hand by Jon Gateman and Son.  A lot of time was invested in this car, and a lot of high end craftsmen were enlisted to put the package together.  The car was sold to a father-son duo in Florida who plan to tour with the car in AACA events.  Well bought at $27,500.

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