Saturday, September 24, 2011

1939 Plymouth Business Coupe

This was one of those cars that you dream about finding.  Totally original, an untouched survivor.  These types of cars are the closest thing to stepping back in time.  How it managed to survive over 70 years without deterioration, modification, or mouse infestation is incredible.  This is the type of car you don't restore, to do so would actually diminish its value.  The car has an all original interior, with a pass through door to the huge trunk that gives these coupes their name.  My daily driver is a 37 Dodge business coupe and I use it like you'd use a pickup truck.  Once I was able to fit 8 tires in the trunk!  This car sold to a collector in France after spirited bidding on eBay with an ending price of $19,500.

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