Saturday, September 24, 2011

1941 Pontiac Torpedo Woody Wagon

I don't often sell cars for other people, I prefer to own them outright, live with them awhile, get to know them.  This car however, made me break down and agree.  First off, it was for a close friend - second, he made me an offer I couldn't refuse - third, well, just look at the car.

This is a very rare '41 Pontiac Woody, one of only a handful left worldwide.  Rare when new, this car has been carefully preserved and sympathetically restored, featuring all-original wood and varnish.  In the world of woodies, originality is king, and this wagon had that in spades.  The interior had been redone in the original style, the dash artfully woodgrained, and the engine bay concours detailed.  This wagon had all the right stuff.  Sold to a real gentleman up in Seattle, after he completed much due diligence, for 85K.

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