Saturday, September 24, 2011

1973 Triumph TR6

I look at a lot of TR6's for sale every year and pass on most of them.  The market on eBay is so flooded with them that you really have to have a stellar example to break through the pack.  For me, overdrive and a hardtop are almost a necessity, so when this nice car came up for sale and checked off all of the boxes, I knew if was going to be a winner.  Finished in classic BRG, the car had been thoughtfully restored over the years as needed and had a good mix of originality with some cosmetic freshening.   Unfortunately, on the way home from taking pictures of the car, I lost oil pressure on the freeway.  I managed to get her shut down and off the road quickly, a spun bearing ended up being the worst of it.  After $1200 and a fresh bottom end rebuild, the car was ready for sale and ended up going to a buyer in France for 20K.  I've been extremely lucky to not have experienced any major catastrophic failure or accidents in any of my cars.   If a spun bearing ends up being my worst experience, I'll take it.

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