Monday, September 5, 2011

1973 Volvo 1800ES Sportwagon

Here's a model that I've always liked.  Volvo made these unique 2 door wagons for just 2 years, 1972 and 73.  I actually bought this car on ebay and spent a year restoring it.  The car had very good bones and really just needed cosmetics.  A 4spd with overdrive and factory AC meant this was the right one to restore.  Local paint guru Tom Black Garage resprayed it in its original color of Sea Green, the leather seats were redone by Guy's Interior Restoration, the wheels were powdercoated by ColorFX.  These are rare ATE Volvo branded wheels and for some reason I thought that they would look 'right' with some thick whitewalls!  Add to that the Bosch driving lights up front and the factory roof rack on top and this Volvo just looked like a HotWheels car come to life!  The car sold for 18K to an Volvo collector in Canada who took delivery in Fargo, ND, drove it home and surprised his wife with it.

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