Saturday, September 24, 2011

1979 Mercedes 280SL

Every now and again I'll find a R107 bodied Mercedes with a manual transmission.  These are always gray market cars, only automatic transmissions were available for the US market.  These Euro 280SL's were prevalent in the early 80's and all of them here have already jumped through the required EPA and DOT hoops and have clear titles. Aside from the obvious advantages of the manual gearbox, these cars also feature European headlights and the smaller, more svelte bumpers.  More importantly, the motor is the high revving DOHC Six, so much better than the smogged out lumbering V8s for the American market.

This was a very nice example, well cared for, and something that I actually bought for myself.  I took the train to Tacoma, drove the car 3 hours back to Portland, pulled up to my house and took note of the other 4 cars parked there, and realized that no, you can't keep them all.  Sold to a dealer in Germany for $14,500.

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