Sunday, October 2, 2011

1953 Citroen Traction Avant

Citroens have always had a reputation for being ahead of their time.  When this model was introduced in 1934, the Traction Avant was recognized as being one of the most revolutionary cars of its time. Along with front wheel drive it incorporated unit body construction, torsion bar suspension and hydraulic brakes. The 3 speed gearbox was mounted ahead of the engine and the drive went through CV-jointed driveshafts to the front wheels, this was cutting edge technology in those days. This excellent design saw little reason to change over the years and the Traction Avant remained relatively the same thoughout its production run of 1934 through 1957.  This 1953 model was well preserved and mechanically sound enough for daily use if desired.  It sold for 13K to a collector in Georgia who dared to be different.

1951 Hudson Commodore Eight

I love all step-down Hudsons, and it's unusual to find an 8-cylinder example.  This was the upscale "Commodore" model with a Straight Eight that looked like something you'd find in a cabin cruiser.  This was yet another car that I bought for myself and used as a daily driver for some time.  Even with bias-ply tires, it would easily cruise the freeway at 80 for hours on end, I spent a lot of time behind the wheel in this car.  I did lower it about an inch just cuz I couldn't resist.   I never got tired of looking at it, and loved the byzantine styled dashboard.  The car also came with all of the original dealer paperwork from when it was sold new in Oak Harbor, Washington.  Sold with mixed emotions for $19,500, the car now resides in Ohio.

1941 Cadillac Series 62

What a great car, it's no wonder the AACA deems them Full Classics.  This was a super example with extensive ownership history, including the former president of the Cad-LaSalle Club.  Finished in "Dusty Gray" with an excellent green interior, the car has a presence all its own.  Sold to a collector in CA for 41K.  Would have been nice to keep this one!

1940 Pontiac Deluxe 8 Silver Streak

This is a rare car, one of only 1,353 Cabriolets Pontiac made in 1940.   The car was restored in the 80's, so the receipts offer an interesting look back into what life was like before the internet.  The doctor who owned the car was fastidious in his record keeping, included in the receipts are all of his written correspondence with suppliers - Hirsch, Steele, Kanter, Jenkins, all of the familiar names. Oftentimes he would send out a personal questionnaire to multiple suppliers and then choose from the one he thought best equipped to fulfill an order.  What a different world than the point and click ordering we're used to today.  The car sold to a collector in CA for $42,500.

1932 Ford Woody

Here's a really well done 32 Ford woody that I bought at RM's Amelia Island auction.  This was an AACA Senior Award winner, a 985 point car, it was extremely well done.  The wood was redone using a set of original blueprints, the side curtains were made from NOS fabric, it was about as correct as they come.  Well, this car ended up being a little harder to sell than I would have anticipated.  32 Fords are hot, right?  Woody wagons are hot, right?  I guess, but somehow not in this combination.  It took a few tries on eBay to get it sold, which equated to about 2 months, a lot longer than my normal turnaround time.  The car eventually sold to an old school hot-rodder in CA for 85K, he went ahead and dropped a flathead V8 in it and made the mods that you see in the last photo below.