Sunday, October 2, 2011

1932 Ford Woody

Here's a really well done 32 Ford woody that I bought at RM's Amelia Island auction.  This was an AACA Senior Award winner, a 985 point car, it was extremely well done.  The wood was redone using a set of original blueprints, the side curtains were made from NOS fabric, it was about as correct as they come.  Well, this car ended up being a little harder to sell than I would have anticipated.  32 Fords are hot, right?  Woody wagons are hot, right?  I guess, but somehow not in this combination.  It took a few tries on eBay to get it sold, which equated to about 2 months, a lot longer than my normal turnaround time.  The car eventually sold to an old school hot-rodder in CA for 85K, he went ahead and dropped a flathead V8 in it and made the mods that you see in the last photo below.

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