Sunday, October 2, 2011

1951 Hudson Commodore Eight

I love all step-down Hudsons, and it's unusual to find an 8-cylinder example.  This was the upscale "Commodore" model with a Straight Eight that looked like something you'd find in a cabin cruiser.  This was yet another car that I bought for myself and used as a daily driver for some time.  Even with bias-ply tires, it would easily cruise the freeway at 80 for hours on end, I spent a lot of time behind the wheel in this car.  I did lower it about an inch just cuz I couldn't resist.   I never got tired of looking at it, and loved the byzantine styled dashboard.  The car also came with all of the original dealer paperwork from when it was sold new in Oak Harbor, Washington.  Sold with mixed emotions for $19,500, the car now resides in Ohio.

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