Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1950 Oldsmobile ROCKET 88

Here's a '50 Olds 88 that you won't see everyday. Finding a nice '50 is difficult, finding one that has all the authentic Period Custom details is even harder. Finding one that is running a historic GM experimental engine has got to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This rare 288ci engine is from Oldsmobile's Experimental Motor Group, led by Charles "Boss" Kettering. In the late 1940s, this motor laid the foundation for what was to be the first new engine design since WWII, the venerable Olds 303. The 288 continued to be built by GM Research up until 1954 and was sold to petroleum companies for high compression testing. Just 30 were built, 4 are known to still exist, this was one of them.

This motor was discovered in Kansas City in the late 70s and was later acquired by '50 Olds expert Eddie Rezac. Eddie matched up a low mile '50 Club Coupe with the motor, bolted in a '37 Cad/LaSalle gearbox, added a dealer display hood and this one-of-a-kind Custom Olds was born.

This was a Rod & Custom Magazine feature car and wow, it would have been great to keep this one a little longer.  Sold for 45K to an old school hot rodder who flew in from CA and drove the car back....at night.

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