Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1957 Mercedes 220S

Mercedes from the 50's have an altogether different feel than the cars that came in the following decade.  These cars have a coachbuilt feel to them,  you can definitely tell they were assembled mostly by hand.  This '57 was in need of paintwork when I bought it, mechanically it was great, and the interior was good although it needed a new top.  Tackling those jobs was not an easy process.  Fortunately I have one of the best interior shops in the Pacific Northwest right next door - Guy's Interior Restorations has done dozens of these Ponton bodied cabriolets, and deftly took care of this one.  These tops are complex; German canvas on the outside, a wool headliner on the inside, and a duvet like pillow in the middle.

For the paint work, I enlisted Tom Black's Garage, who shot the beautiful paint in DB728, 'Beige Grey Metallic', one of my favorite MB colors.  Prepping the car beforehand wasn't easy.  There's an abundance of chrome trim on these cars and the base metal is actually brass, which as you know is prone to damage.  I took all of the trim to be straightened before plating, there were 24 pieces in all, each one carried a stamping of the car's Karosserie number of '575'.  Local metal guru Harold Wallace worked his magic, then Oregon Plating triple dipped it to perfection.

At the end of the day the car came out looking great, it sold for $77,500 to a gentleman in Ohio who appreciated quality.  In the process, I gained a new appreciation for the craftsmen who built these cars.

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