Sunday, November 6, 2011

1966 Ford Country Sedan Wagon

This is an all original 66 Ford that I bought on eBay out of California.   I used this car as my daily driver for about a year (a long time for me) until the gas mileage finally got the better of me.  Still miss the car though.  It had all original paint and was just as nice as can be, really just the way you want to find them.  Started at the flick of the switch and had a beautiful, balanced idle.  This was the type of car you'd stretch out in, rest your right arm across the seat back and steer with one finger.

My family and I went on a few camping trips in this car.  On our way out one day, we were driving down I-5 and I noticed a Suburban coming up on the left and slowing to match our speed, it was an older gentleman and his wife, just smiling.  I later realized that our little crew must have looked like a total time warp back to the 60s:  I was stretched out, my wife was in the passenger seat knitting, and our 10 year old son was in the back seat reading a comic book.  All of our camping gear was in the back along with some firewood.  We had inadvertently painted a moving picture of the nuclear family.

12mpg be damned, I should have kept that car.  Sold for 11K to a guy my age who flew up from LA and drove the car home without a hitch.

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  1. That is awesome. Nothing beats a classic wagon, I need something like this to pull our vintage Streamline!