Sunday, January 8, 2012

1965 Triumph TR4

I originally bought this Triumph to use as a fun Summer beater car, it was a great runner but needed cosmetics.  By the following winter I decided to prepare to have it repainted.  The car was so small that one thing let to another and I ended up taking it off the frame.  Then I decided I better have the whole thing bead blasted before painting, and I guess I should have the frame blasted too.  Hmmm, this interior could use freshening so why don't I take care of that too.  You get the idea.  By the time I was done this became a nut and bolt restoration, it took about a year of work, done in my spare time.  I was very lucky in the fact that the car was incredibly solid, almost 100% rust free.  My painter (with 40yrs experience) commented that he had never seen one this solid.

I enjoyed the restoration process but had no interest in driving a car that nice when I was done.  Sold to a dealer in NY for 35K.

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