Sunday, January 8, 2012

1965 Triumph TR4

I originally bought this Triumph to use as a fun Summer beater car, it was a great runner but needed cosmetics.  By the following winter I decided to prepare to have it repainted.  The car was so small that one thing let to another and I ended up taking it off the frame.  Then I decided I better have the whole thing bead blasted before painting, and I guess I should have the frame blasted too.  Hmmm, this interior could use freshening so why don't I take care of that too.  You get the idea.  By the time I was done this became a nut and bolt restoration, it took about a year of work, done in my spare time.  I was very lucky in the fact that the car was incredibly solid, almost 100% rust free.  My painter (with 40yrs experience) commented that he had never seen one this solid.

I enjoyed the restoration process but had no interest in driving a car that nice when I was done.  Sold to a dealer in NY for 35K.

1957 Dodge Sierra Spectator Wagon

This was one incredible wagon.  44K original miles and still with plastic seatcovers in the interior.  This was also a 9 passenger "Spectator" model with the rear facing 3rd seat.  Very hard model to find in any condition, much less a factory black car that was this well preserved.  Sold for 35K for an enthusiast in Denmark.

1963 Volvo 544

It's very rare to find a 544 restored to this level.  This car won best in class at Forest Grove and was pretty spectacular everywhere you looked.  Vintage Volvos have been on the move in the past few years and I expect them to keep moving upward.  This one sold for 22K to a collector in Kentucky.